New: Book Club

Reverend Karen has started a book club at her home, 6 Vicarage Gardens, Birkenshaw. The first book the club is reading is ‘An Altar in the World’ by Barbara Taylor Brown. If you are interested in joining the book club, get hold of a copy and come along!

The next meeting will be on Sunday 3rd November at 3.30pm. It is suggested that those interested in attending the book club read up to page 105. Don’t worry if you didn’t attend the previous meeting, everyone is welcome.


Acoustic Music Night

The Next Acoustic Music Night will be on Thursday 24th October between 8pm and 10pm. Come along to hear some great live music in our beautiful church. The acts are different every time although once they’ve played here they often want to return. Bring along your own drinks; and yes, even beer or wine is allowed!

Beetle Drive

On Tuesday 29th October the Mother’s Union will be holding a Beetle Drive! This fun event is free for everyone. This old fashioned game is about speed, luck, dice and hilarity! Refreshments available.